Range Progress

Our club just received another HUGE grant from the Friends of the NRA for $57,000!!!  This will be our 3rd grant from the FNRA for our new shooting facility in Cooper Landing near Dave’s Creek.  The FNRA has donated $187,500 to this amazing new range.

We are hoping to open the new range in the Fall of 2021

If you want to support the FNRA please go online or text 907-299-7402 to purchase a Boat Load of Guns Raffle ticket!  We were unable to host a FNRA event this year at Princess, but it would still be awesome to support them.

Huge thank you to everyone who has supported this amazing new range.

 Laura Johnson


Cooper Landing Rifle & Sportsman’s Club


With that being said work will continue now this fall.  One issue is that there are people shooting at the new range and it is not ready.  We do not want to jeopardize safety nor our dealings with the agencies still involved. We ask that people refrain from trying to shoot at the new range. Thanks your Range-manager.


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