It has been a long time since we posted new information here. Now things are  rolling and there has been a ton of work done to the new range site. We have gotten the needed timber cut and removed, a huge amount of survey work done and the slash/brush left over from the logging is being burned.  To help offset the costs we sold lumber and firewood out of the land. Last year we showcased our Friend of NRA donation check at our banquet and we are hoping to be able to do the same at this years Banquet. Here is a picture of the survey and layout of the new “regional” range.

enlarged view


It is approximately 66 acres but not all will be usable and we have by design left some green space and natural buffer zones. Also attached is a short power point done by Laura that gives a little over view of the project and how we have managed to get some of the donations to accomplish the work.  Click on the link “Range” below. In the GALLERY you will find more pictures of the new range area. Check out the little video and then look for more about our upcoming Friends of NRA banquet.   It will be held at the Kenai Princess Lodge with much more space and even rooms for those who want to make a destination out of our event. There will be more and updated information on the banquet coming up so keep looking.



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