News on the progress of the new range and an upcoming intro to shotgun class

Plans continue to move forward toward opening our new shooting range near Dave’s Creek (approx mile 39 Sterling Hwy). The club hopes to receive an easement from the State for our road access this fall and begin work before freeze up.  If plans stay on track, we may be able to move to the new range in 2023!  Our current range on Bean Creek Rd will continue to operate until the new range is open.  Due to legal matters etc, the new range is not to be used and is closed. Please do not shoot there and possibly jeopardize our progress. 

Thank you to everyone who has been working hard to open the new range.

The club will be offering an “Introduction to Shot gunning” class on September 24th.  For more info, please contact Laura Johnson at 907-205-0801 or

If you are interested in becoming more involved with the club, please email me at

Have a great fall filled with lots of gun power,

Laura Johnson, President

Cooper Landing Gun Club

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