May and the grass is green

We just had the Friends of NRA banquet and dinner. A great big thank you To Laura and her crew for all of their hard work. It was a lot of fun there were great prizes and auction items. We caught up on friendships and gossip and everyone had great food. The Sun Rise Inn did a great job and the remodel looks fantastic. Stop by, have a meal and check it out.

The Range is going to get some brush work and push the rifle range out to 200 yards with some noise abatement work too. It will be closed off and on for a day or two during the summer. Check the events page for official times and dates. First is May 4th from 10-4.

Look for more updates on the Dave’s Creek range proposal to follow.

Get out and put some rounds down range and polish the skills that might be a little rusty after the winter. Always think safety first, eyes, ears, and what is down range.

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