Please contact KPB in favor of land title transfer.

Hello Cooper Landing Gun Club Members:

You have a couple more days to get letters of support to the State concerning a land transfer within parcel #408C to the Kenai Peninsula Borough for future gun range relocation. The relocation will benefit both the Cooper Landing Gun Club Members and community of Cooper Landing:

Development of the new range will allow for safer and expanded designated shooting areas for all firearm users
Current gun range will be removed from residential areas
Will provide a more central location to increase gun club membership to residents of Seward and Moose Pass, while providing for a safe, convenient location for Cooper Landing residents

This is only the beginning of support needed to relocate the range. We have a 20 year lease with the Cooper Landing Community Club at our current location. The process will take many years to achieve even if the land transfer is completed. The current range will continue to operate until another location is acquired and developed.

Please make your comment to the State of Alaska via email to and support the land title transfer for a gun range in section 408C to the KPB. Your comment is needed on or before June 2nd.

Thank you again for your support,

Cooper Landing Gun Club

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