Welcome to Cooper Landing Gun Club, one of the oldest ranges in Alaska, in continuous use since 1947.  We are a members only range, but guests are welcome. The Range is open every day, 9am til 9pm summers and daylight hours during the winter.  We have a clubhouse / classroom for training and classes, Trap, Rifle and Pistol bays. Our maximum rifle distance is 140 yards and the dedicated pistol bay has 25 yards maximum. Pistols can be shot on the rifle range for longer distance. Check out our EVENTS page for what is going on and for Range closures.

Today is April 14th and the snow is going even if it is still cold.  The range has been plowed and those shooting skill that you have been letting “mature” over the winter need to be taken out and exercised. Get out to the range and  enjoy a little “Ballistic Therapy”. Be aware of the ice that is still hanging on and watch your step.  There are some events happening that you may need to be aware of just in case the range is closed on the day you might like to get out. The board has been discussing how to increase the rifle shooting distance and it would take a huge amount of earth removal to go back too many more yards but we have not ruled it out yet. We are also looking at ways to reduce some of the noise from shooting to become better neighbors to the surrounding community. If you have ideas or suggestions contact the appropriate person from out contacts page. Hope to see you on the range, Webmaster.

Today, 7- 7-2012: Summer is here (rain being the main indicator) and the range has been active, we have had a Fun Shoot, a John C Garand Match, several classes and we are just into July.   We have a women’s only class coming up July 11 and a 3 day Wing-shooting, Tactical Shotgun and an Advance Pistol class coming up in August with instructors Il LIng New and Mario Marchman. Visit our events page to find out more about these two upcoming events. Sign up now as space is limited.

Today 5-7-2012,was the end of an era so to say, the old classroom/clubhouse was burned and buried.


It is now November and the snows will start to fly. That does not mean you need to stop shooting and having fun. Bundle up and hit the range, just think no bug spry now. Please watch for icy patches that will form. The range is considering expanding the rifle range to 200 yards. We are still in the planning and cost phases. If the cost is not too much we will hope to have the additional distance next summer. Have a safe winter and keep shooting, it is a perishable skill.

If you have events or classes you would like to see at the range use the contact form and contact us and discuss the possibilities. Is there interest in a one or two day “carbine class” next summer, let us know. It would be for AR type or 223/5.56 fast handling carbines. How about a fun period correct type 2 gun match. IE, WWII, WWI, Korean, etc rifle/pistol from the same country, Russian, German, American, British etc? Let us know.



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